TeamRiley Tennis

“For a good commonsense approach and very professional character, Eric is the one.” Pam Shriver


TeamRiley offers individualized and group coaching for tennis players who are serious about improving their level of play. Our services range from teaching fundamental skills to beginning players, to working with intermediate and advanced amateurs, to coaching competitive players at the junior, college, and professional levels.

Most of our junior players attend a local school and practice before or after their school day. A few of our players participate in on-line school curriculum which gives them a bit more flexibility with practice and tournament travel.


TeamRiley focuses on helping players build solid fundamentals: preparation, footwork, balance, and fitness. We also focus on “patterns of play” — knowing where to hit the ball to play more effectively. With each TeamRiley coaching session, players will notice considerable improvement the next time they walk on the court. Sessions are available seven days a week, including early mornings and evenings.

Career Development

TeamRiley also assists amateur and professional tennis players in advancing their careers. We can: